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International Training Workshop on Hiigh Quality and Yield of Cotton Planting for Central Asian and Neighboring Countries

September, 2018

Urumqi, China

Working Language: Russian, English


  The aim is to let participants have some understanding on the critical components and mechanisms of Xinjiang cotton planting techniques with high quality and yield. Let the participants exposing to the real production and help them establishing long-term cooperation in the future.


  1. Theory and Practice of the Dwarf, Dense, Early Cotton Management Mode in   Xinjiang 

  2. High Quality and Yield of Cotton Planting Techniques 

  3. Technology of High Efficient Fertilization for Cotton 

  4. Integrated Control of Cotton Pest & Diseases 

  5. Technological Exploration of High-yielding Cotton Cultivation in Tajikstan   

  6. Production Status & Critical Planting Techniques of Rice in Xinjiang 

  7. Development & Practices of Virus-free Potato Production Systems 

  8. Study on Yield Potential of Corn and High-yielding Cultivation Techniques 

  9. Technology of Greenhouse Constructing and Vegetables Planting 

  10. Study on Varieties Breeding and High-yield Planting of Wheat in Xinjiang 

  11. Application of Biotechnology in Agricultural Researches 

  12. Cultivars Breeding and High-yielding Cultivation of Tomatoes for   Processing 

  13. Introduction on Programs for International Cooperation of Xinjiang, etc.


  Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

  Address: No 403 Nanachang Road, Urumqi, Xinjiang, China 

  Postcode: 830091

  Coordinator: LU,Zhaohui 

  Tel: 86-991-4502370

  Fax: 86-991-4502272



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